Will you help us reach our goal of
50 000 school bags pledged?

Bags pledged to children in need.

Why school bags?

We looked at school children from across South Africa and what they needed to have a productive day at school. Often most of these children don’t even have a school bag and have to walk very long distances to school through all kinds of weather.

The Solution

Uzwelo developed a school backpack with a built-in poncho that covers both the child and the school bag, ensuring that the children are kept dry and warm on their journey to school.

Corporate Partnerships

While we partner with like-minded corporates to work on a number of different products from corporate gifting to custom made products, our core focus remains partnering with corporates and offering them a solution to their corporate spend initiative through the donation of the Uzwelo school bag – aptly termed “The Bag of Hope”. From there an underprivileged school of their choice is identified and the required number of school backpacks are donated.

How We're Changing South Africa



Expand a Sign decided to use their waste fabric off-cuts to create unique, functional and stylish products that would minimise the impact we were having on the environment, and use our creativity to look after our planet...


Skills Development

Each one of our products is hand-made by local women in Kwa-Zulu Natal who have gone through skills development programs that empower them to earn a living, put food on the table, fund education and provide dignity and upliftment for their communities long-term.



The Bateleurs is an NPO organisation of volunteer pilots who fly their aeroplanes behind the scenes, providing an aerial view of the South African environment for various conservation and development needs. Uzwelo is proud to donate a portion of it's proceeds from sales to this amazing organisation and their cause.

We're Innovating

We're constantly looking for ways to make a difference. Our latest product innovation is to partner with ECO conscious surfers and provide awesome recycled surf bags that compliment the newest innovations in surfboard manufacturing. Historically, surfboards have been made from materials that are totally non biodegradable like fibreglass and foam. Thankfully, the global surfing fraternity is waking up to this and some surf boards are now being made out of natural fibers and resins. Watch this space!

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