The Gym Bag

Our gym bag is the perfect workout partner for individuals leading an active lifestyle.

Hannah rPET felt backpack

This versatile and stylish backpack is made with a printed 40% rPet yarn fabric and finished in 100% rPet felt. With an external water bottle holder, internal pouch for storing keys, etc and partitioning.

Custom corporate products

Purchase corporate gifts for your clients and staff and help change a community, or donate to our cause and help children across South Africa learn.

The Uzwelo Story

Real change is hard, and change in South Africa is no exception. Crime, poverty, corruption, litter, poaching, old-school mindsets…

The need for change is everywhere but maybe one of the reasons it isn’t happening fast enough is because we don’t always believe we can help.

Uzwelo and Expand a Sign decided to take matters into their own hands by partnering with everyday local heroes to provide a range of bags that are not only functional and stylish, but change lives…

Dylan Clarke (Allan Grey foundation)

Thank you for the great service, it is appreciated. Will let you know as soon as received. Have a great day.

Beth and Patricia

Thanks so much, we received our masks this morning. They are beautifully made and really comfortable to wear. We wish you all the best with your business in these difficult times. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Sue Rider

I just wanted to say I received my bags today and was most impressed with the beautiful shopping bags I received today.  They were packaged so beautifully and good to know you making a difference in people’s lives.


Yes, the bags arrived and everything is perfectly fine! I very much like your products and the ideals Uzwelo is pursuing! I will definitively recommend you.


I have just received my order and I am so thrilled with everything I ordered. Your service was fast and efficient and the quality of your goods excellent. Thanks.

Judith Herbig

I received my bags and they are lovely! I went shopping with two of them today and the cashier had a good giggle at the words on the bag "Dear Plastic Bag, I'm seeing someone else..."  I really admire you all for starting such a great business and I will certainly pass on the word about your excellent quality bags.


I would like to say thank you for your incredible service, I could not believe my eyes when my parcel arrived yesterday!! I am thrilled with all my purchases too.

Janita Janssen (Yogallama)

Tanya, everything is STUNNING!  I can’t wait to set up tomorrow!  I absolutely LOVE the new yoga mag bags!!!! And the shopping bags?  Oh. My. Word. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


Thank you so much. I am VERY impressed with them, love the protea one specifically.  The quality is really great. I have subsequently put more stuff in my basket and will no doubt make the purchase soon! You will be hearing from me soon


I absolutely love my new bag.  The speedy delivery was a pleasant surprise. I was looking for your mail address to compliment you on your products and the painless process of placing an order.  I will be back for more purchases. Wish you all the best in this venture

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Our story



Our brand values


Our goal is to inspire because true, sustainable change starts from within and we believe that if we lead, others will follow.


We pride ourselves in taking responsibility for our actions because by practicing what we preach, not only do we hold ourselves accountable to our purpose, we truly educate and build/maintain the trust needed to live it out.


We value community because it takes relationships to move the world forward. Problems are best solved not alone but in a team and by nurturing others into their full potential.


Every little bit of improvement catapults us forward into fulfilling our purpose and improving the lives of others.


Meaningful change happens when we truly see people and the environment with a heart of compassion. It compels ethical action and reminds us of our responsibility.

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