Did you know that although plastic straws can be recycled, most recyclers will not accept plastic straws? Because straws are small, thin and bend easily, they fall through the gaps of the recycling machines which can cause damage. Hence most straws that go to recycling plants end up back in landfill. The other problem is, … Read more#StrawsSuck

Conserving our wildlife, 1 bag at a time

In our previous 2 blogs, we focused on environmental and economic sustainability respectively, which makes up 2 of our 3 core values (Environment and Skills Development). Our 3rd and equally as important value is Conservation. The devastation that has been caused to our wildlife over the last few decades, means that we’re facing our sixth … Read moreConserving our wildlife, 1 bag at a time

Economic Sustainability

Uzwelo isn’t just a brand that creates stylish and functional bags from fabric that was once destined for landfills. Our brand’s foundation is built upon 3 core pillars – environment, skills development, and conservation. This vision has not only allowed us to do our part for the environment but empower people with the tools to change … Read moreEconomic Sustainability

Sustainability – #SAYNOTOPLASTIC

2018 has made us more conscious of the choices we make and how they affect our fragile planet. Documentaries like Blue Planet have highlighted the extent of damage that’s already been done to our oceans and it’s only getting worse. Bleaching coral (over 50 % of the world’s coral reefs have died in the last … Read moreSustainability – #SAYNOTOPLASTIC

#WRAD – World Read Aloud Day

  Taking part in #WRAD (World Read Aloud Day) at Egcekeni School, Shongweni was an intense experience. Questions whizzed through my mind: – Would the children enjoy the books I had selected? – Would they relate and understand? – Would they respond to the experience? – Would my Expand A Sign International colleagues enjoy their … Read more#WRAD – World Read Aloud Day

Our Partnership with Save The Children

Save The Children

Uzwelo Bags was started through Expand a Sign for the purposes of making stylish, unique and functional bags from waste polyester fabric (woven by Expandasign in Durban) that would otherwise end up on land-fills. We are strongly environmentally focused and believe we need to be solutions based and actively involved in supporting SA. Save the … Read moreOur Partnership with Save The Children

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