Change in the form of HOPE
25th Oct 2016

I started working at Parasol Leisure Products in 1994 with Mr John Bailey – then NSN International, Sunsmart and now at Expand a Sign. My journey with Mr John Bailey has been a long and memorable one as he’s been and is such a wonderful man. They say that all good things come to an end but my next chapter with his son Don is just as memorable.

When I started at Expand a Sign, I worked as a multi-skilled machinist and later was given an opportunity to become a supervisor – a position I have held for the past ten years.

Many different types of products were produced on my line, and my dedicated staff and I were always taking the opportunity to gain extra knowledge by helping other supervisors when their workload became heavy – this extra knowledge has helped me realise my potential and given me all these amazing opportunities to grow within this family we call Expand a Sign.

Chapter 3 began when I was offered this position at Uzwelo I took a massive risk as I wasn’t entirely sure what it is that I would be doing. In the beginning it was really challenging for me as we were venturing in unchartered territory. I mean, I spent the better part of 20 years working with banners and now I was entrusted to design and create bags from the waste fabric with only an image from the internet and a couple of measurements.

But I had a secret weapon at my disposal in the form of Tanya Bailey who has been a mentor and my rock through this entire journey. Seeing her excitement every day is very inspiring. All the fears I had in the beginning turned to motivation. Motivation I use each and every day to continue to grow as a person and keep challenging myself.

I am a dedicated worker, who strives for perfection. A trait the new recruits probably wish I didn’t possess as I am tasked with training them on how to sew and make our various products which can sometimes be very challenging but at the end of the day, I’m where I am today because of this drive and I hope I can pass this attitude onto these future entrepreneurs. To be given such an important role within this business is very humbling and I’m extremely proud to be a part of this project. A project that wants to make real change. Change in the form of HOPE – that’s what Uzwelo means to me…