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Bags and accessories
that make a difference

The Uzwelo Story

Real change is hard, and change
in South Africa is no exception. Crime, poverty,
corruption, litter, poaching, mindsets, speedo’s…
The need for change is everywhere but maybe
one of the reasons it isn’t happening
fast enough is because we don’t
always believe we can help.

What we Offer

We value our community of corporate partners because it takes relationships to move the world forward. Problems are best solved not alone, but in a team and by nurturing others into their full potential. This is why we encourage our community to be a part of the Uzwelo story, as we want to create a far-reaching legacy of sustainability and encourage a global movement through the power of branding.


Corporate and promotional gifts play a vital role when it comes to driving your company’s Marketing objectives. Whether it’s a CSR initiative, an event or simply branded goodies for your most valuable customers, we can provide a bespoke solution that not only creates a great first impression, but does so in a sustainable way through the use of our various recycled material options – made exclusively from 100% South African recycled plastic.

Our Partners

Our ongoing drive to create a more sustainable future, is underpinned by our determination to ensure we keep playing our part in inspiring more and more people to embrace sustainability

Plastic bottle recycled to make our rPET bags

Donated to The Bateleurs in support of conservation efforts in Southern Africa

Waste fabric redirected from landfill and made into Uzwelo bags & accessories