Kingdom’s Story
27th Oct 2016

My story with Uzwelo all began unexpectedly…

I’m currently studying Fashion Textile Design and was offered an amazing opportunity to get involved with this wonderful project through John McCarthy from Ocean Child whom I grew up living next to him and his family.
John had already established his partnership with Uzwelo through the board bags they custom manufactured for his eco surfboards and this was definitely something I was interested in. – well I didn’t have the job just yet. I still had to go through the formalities of an interview with Tanya (nervous much)!

Needless to say, Tanya gave me the opportunity – even though I knew nothing about sewing a bag but she obviously saw the potential and passion within me. Which is pretty much what we do here at Uzwelo. We see the potential in what others consider scrap material and turn it into a functional work of art.

This opportunity means the world to me. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained through working with Rajes, Tanya and the rest of the Uzwelo team is invaluable. Since I’m a student, there’s only so much I can learn at school but being able to learn firsthand through practical experience, is something I will always be grateful for. Never did I think that I would be able to sew (as I’m a designer), now I feel like I can sew any bag thanks to my Uzwelo family.