Our Partnership with Save The Children
21st Sep 2017

Uzwelo Bags was started through Expand a Sign for the purposes of making stylish, unique and functional bags from waste polyester fabric (woven by Expandasign in Durban) that would otherwise end up on land-fills. We are strongly environmentally focused and believe we need to be solutions based and actively involved in supporting SA.

Save the Children works hard at ensuring every child receives the quality of education that is so vital in the foundation years for a lasting impact, not only for the individual child but for our nation’s future.

Therefore, it made perfect sense that we partnered with Save the Children South Africa who are doing incredible work. We are encouraging corporates to pledge School Bags to the many children who do not attend school – 245 000 children to be precise.
These bags provide the children with HOPE. Hope for schooling, an opportunity to learn, to grow and to develop to their full potential.

To a child, it’s not just a tool that makes education easier and it’s not just a bag with a built-in raincoat for those long walks to school. It’s an opportunity for growth, a vessel for learning, a symbol for change. To that child, it shows that people care enough to open their hearts (and bags) to support them because their lives are important enough to us to be saved. It’s a reminder that there is HOPE.