Donate A Jes Foord Handbag

R100.00 inc VAT

The Process:

“PET bottles are collected by informal waste collectors as well as formal recycling businesses across the country
The PET bottles are taken to Extrupet who wash and chop the bottles into chips or flakes
These chips are used in food grade application to make new bottles made out of rPET or are sent to Propet
Propet converts the chips into small pellets which are extruded through their machines to produce fibre
This fibre is used in the manufacture of the nonwoven felt as well as many other fibre uses such as duvet and pillow inners and even knitted into T-Shirt fabric”

By Purchasing a Jess Ford Uzwelo bag, you are actively choosing to be part of the solution. You are facilitating a rape survivors’ first steps to recovery. You are creating jobs, uplifting your community and reducing your impact on the environment by creating a better future for many generations to come.


You may suggest a preferred main colour, but if we don’t have that colour fabric in-stock we’ll need to use what we have. Please read the green box on the right to find out why → Find out why?

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43 x 34 x 14,5 cm

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