Portfolio Bag

Portfolio Bag

R800.00 inc VAT

Uzwelo waste lining

Print designed by Bev Butkow

Leather trimmings

25 x 35 x 8cm


You may suggest a preferred main colour, but if we don’t have that colour fabric in-stock we’ll need to use what we have. Please read the green box on the right to find out why → Find out why?


What is the objective of our BAGS OF HOPE Initiative?

Even though every child has the right to education, there are still thousands of South African children who must walk to school, for very long distances and through all kinds of terrain in all weather conditions. Having a school bag makes this hardship just a little more bearable.

To a child a school bag is not just a tool that makes education easier, and it’s not just a bag with a built-in raincoat for those long walks to school and back. It’s an opportunity for growth, a vessel for learning, a symbol for change.

With your ongoing support, Save the Children South Africa works hard at ensuring every child receives the quality education that is so vital to our nation’s future.


39 x 29 cm

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